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How to Make Sasirangan

Sasirangan pattern (Sasirangan motif drawn in a thick carton, cut it into its shapes so we can draw the motifs using this pattern (left above)
Needle (right above)
Thread No. 9 for jeans – we use this type because it is strong enough (left below)
Seam ripper (right below)

The process of making Sasirangan with natural dyes
Draw the motif on the fabrics (left above)
Sew the motif (left below)
Pull the sewing tight (right above)
Fabrics ready to color with natural dye (right below)

Prepare the ingredients of the natural dyes (left above)
Boil the ingredients of the natural dyes (right above)
The ingredients already boiled (left below)
Strain the ingredients and take the liquid of the extract of the natural dyes to color the fabric (right below)

Put the fabrics into the pan to color it or put the liquid to the bottle to color part of the fabrics

Dry the fabrics after coloring (left above)
Put away the thread from the fabrics (right above)
Wash the fabrics (left below)
Iron the fabrics to let the wrinkle away (right below)